Acupuncture for pregnancy and birth – with Rachel Pavitt -Rumery

Fertility and pregnancy acupuncturist Rachel Pavitt-Rumery from Health Space in Mona Vale joins me LIVE to chat how acupuncture can help you on your motherhood journey. Listen as we chat all things acupuncture and birth – including how acupuncture can help with pregnancy-related symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, circulation, pelvic and lower back pain, haemorrhoids,…

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“I yelled out I DID IT!!!” – Avery’s Birth Story

This couple came to my course for the birth of their second baby after what they describe as a ‘traumatic’ first birth, with an induction that did not end as expected. During the course, I saw them process the first birth, question it and begin to prepare for their second birth with excitement rather than…

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What does a Positive Birth mean to you?

There is a BIG misconception about Hypnobirth that: Positive Birth = Natural, Drug-free, Intervention-Free birth This is not the case – although it may be for some. In class, I ask mums and their birth partners to answer this question: ‘WHAT DOES A POSITIVE BIRTH MEAN TO ME?’ Every answer is unique. Just like birth,…

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Welcome Hypnobub – Penelope!

Hypnobirth Australia mum with baby

❤❤❤AND JUST LIKE THAT A MOTHER IS BORN❤❤❤ My beautiful client Kathleen deep in the love bubble with her little hypnobub, Penelope. The message that her partner wrote with this stunning photo made me well up 😢. It captures so beautifully the feelings of the birth partner. The awe and admiration of their partner’s incredible…

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Hypnobirth is not about being quiet


One of the misconceptions about Hypnobirth is that Hypnomums are ‘zoned out’ or ‘in a trance’ and have to be quiet or placid. While it may look like this – Hypnomums have actually trained themselves to be in an incredible state of deep relaxation while also being in a state of acute awareness. They can…

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Midwife has healing Hypnobirth after traumatic first birth

Hannah Polites Hypnobirth

This is a beautiful interview with a couple who completed the Positive Birth course with Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner Shari Lyon from Belly2Birth Hypnobirthing on the Gold Coast. Hannah is a midwife and Garth is a Doctor (Paediatrician) so when it comes to the physiological side of labour, these guys have it covered. However, after a…

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