Hypnobirth is not about being quiet


One of the misconceptions about Hypnobirth is that Hypnomums are ‘zoned out’ or ‘in a trance’ and have to be quiet or placid.

While it may look like this – Hypnomums have actually trained themselves to be in an incredible state of deep relaxation while also being in a state of acute awareness.

They can come in and out of this state as they choose.

They can respond if and when they want to.

They can remember every part of their labour.

They are not asleep (although at times it may look like it).

When I was pushing I was LOUD.

So loud I lost my voice.

But it was not the noises you see on television.

I was not screaming in high-pitched tones.

The noises I made were gutteral – low – primal – instinctual.

I felt the entire room vibrating with my voice.

I felt completely in control and unbelievably powerful.

These noises are known as ‘vocalisation’. It is said that there is a physiological connection between the throat and pelvis and that opening our mouths (rather than having it closed and tense) also helps the cervix to relax and open.

During the Hypnobirth Australia Positive Birth Course we learn about the use of vocalisation as well as the importance of jaw positioning.

Did you use vocalisation during your labour and did it help you?

📷 image via @artshapedphotography

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