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Proven tools for you and your birth partner including breathing techniques, acupressure points and more.


Know what your body can do! Learn the physiological process of birth, stages of labour, pain relief options + more


Find out the important roles of your birth partner and care givers in helping you stay calm and relaxed during labour and birth


Many women don't think about birth until they are in it! Preparation is key. Prepare with confidence not fear.


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Birth Stories

This is a beautiful birth story from a mum who did not once lose her confidence or determination to achieve the positive birth she wanted. I feel privileged to have been part of this couple's journey and am so happy they got the healing Hypnobirth they deserved.

'We did it!"

After Luca's traumatic birth to say I was terrified about going again was an understatement. I started having contractions just after 8pm Tuesday but thought they might just go away like the last couple of nights. I went to bed, listening to the...

This beautiful mum came to my classes to prepare for the birth of her second baby. Gabi gave birth to her first baby at just 29 weeks and it was a difficult postpartum journey for both her and her partner. When applying for my course she wrote: 'I didn’t enjoy my first pregnancy and was traumatised by my son's early delivery...

What my mums and dads have to say...

"My anxiety about birth was such that I genuinely considered not having children, I just couldn’t move past my terror of labour. My partner found Natalie’s course and we’ve not looked back; it’s the single most empowering thing I’ve done for myself during my pregnancy. I left the course feeling educated, capable, relaxed, excited but most of all STRONG and ready to meet my little man. Natalie has helped me build skills and tools to confront my fears, let them go and plan for the type of birthing experience I want where if the fear comes, I feel equipped to deal with it. Her delivery of the course is natural, heart-felt and without judgement, and she is highly skilled in creating a ‘safe space’ where it’s ok to feel what you need to in order to release and re-group your thinking to something positive. Can’t recommend enough, I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this and hope this review helps at least one more mummy to be let go of the fear I was feeling." First-time mum Nikki

"This course wasn’t about having a drug free, natural birth in the bush whilst wearing a flower crown despite even my own first misconceptions, but rather about knowing what it is that we wanted out of our birth, knowing the different options available to us and  understanding what it was that the female body goes through when it births. Most importantly we left the course having the same confidence in my body to birth this babe as we did in it to grow the little tacker." Kelly- Second-time mum

"I hadn't heard about hypnobirthing until i was about 20 weeks pregnant and I wasn't sure it was for me. After doing a bit of research I began to think it would be something I could really benefit from. My vision of birth, everything I had read and heard, was that it was something to be feared and something I had little control over. Nat changed this for me. Through her course, I learned that a positive birth was real and possible. It has truly changed my life. The birth of my daughter was the most empowering experience i have ever had. Today, my baby girl is calm, content and happy. I truly believe this is a reflection of the calm, content and happy way she came into this world. Thank you a million times over Nat." First-time mum, Kathleen

I cannot rate this course more highly!! We loved it! My husband and I did Nat’s Prepared to Birth course in the lead up to having our second baby. After a traumatic first birth I wanted a different experience second time around. We absolutely loved the course and the HypnoBirthing techniques, we went into the birth so confident and feeling supported.. My hubby also felt confident with all of the skills Nat taught so he could support me during labour. I ended up having the birth of my dreams, all natural and a calm, easy labour. It was incredible! I have no doubt that Nat’s teaching led me to have the amazing birth that I did. Thanks Nat for everything you do!! X - Courtney - First-time mum

"Since I contacted Nat, her primary focus was to make sure my partner and I keep a positive outlook towards our birth.
During the course, it was great to learn about the techniques and tools to help not just for birth, but also as new parents. Her own experience was also inspiring and you can tell how passionate she is about making sure everyone has a similar experience.
I can't recommend her enough. We have completely changed our expectations, my partner's fear became excitement, and we can't thank her enough for helping us through it." Raf - First-time dad

My partner and I are SO glad that we decided to do this course with Natalie! We feel so much more prepared and informed and ready for birth. It's an absolute game changer - highly recommend to everyone, especially first time parents who have no idea what to expect! Natalie is an exceptional teacher - very patient and generous with her time. She went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and all our many questions were answered. Loved it!  Sarah - First-time mum

Best prenatal course available in Sydney (and Australia) in my view! My husband and I were lucky enough to find Natalie who provided private classes in the comfort of our own home. Positive, informative, and empowering, Natalie gave us the tools which enabled us to have the birth we dreamed of. Thank you so much! Steph - First-time mum

"It's fair to say I was a bit sceptical of hypnobirthing, however literally within a few minutes of Nat taking us through the course, I started to realise how beneficial it could be for my partner, but also for myself. We now both rate hypnobirthing as one of the most important things parents-to-be can do during pregnancy, and Nat as one of the most wonderful people who could take you through the course! Our weekend with her was a total highlight of the whole 9 months." Dave - First-time dad

"I don’t know how my birth will go but what I do know is I am eagerly awaiting the experience. I am pumped to feel more of what my body can do and even though I know it’s not going to tickle and it will be super intense I am looking forward to it. I don’t have a plan to avoid pain relief and I’m not opposed to whatever medical intervention I may need. I am going into this with an open yet strong mindset that my body will do what it needs to do and I will listen to what it is telling me and respond accordingly. I am beyond confident in Mylo and I as a team." Kelly - First-time mum


Fastest growing childbirth education course in the country with over 150 practitioners across Australia.


Uses evidence-based tools and techniques including self-hypnosis and deep relaxation to help achieve a calm and positive birth


Hypnobirth can be described in its simplest form as a fancy name for 'Positive Birth" 


Hypnobirth is for ALL births. Techniques can be used for natural, caesarean, induction, epidural etc