What does a Positive Birth mean to you?

There is a BIG misconception about Hypnobirth that:

Positive Birth = Natural, Drug-free, Intervention-Free birth

This is not the case – although it may be for some.

In class, I ask mums and their birth partners to answer this question: ‘WHAT DOES A POSITIVE BIRTH MEAN TO ME?’ Every answer is unique. Just like birth, I am yet to see any that are exactly the same.

Usually the answers I see:
✔Have nothing to do with the TYPE of birth (natural,caesarean etc)
✔Have everything to do with how the mum and birth partner want to FEEL about their birth (calm, proud, supported, loved)

Take the time to answer this question with your birth partner. Their answers may surprise you.

Sound like a waste of time to you?

Remember – just like any goal, it is very difficult to achieve something if you never define what it means.

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