About me ...

Hi, I'm Natalie! I live in beautiful Mona Vale on Sydney's northern beaches with my husband Rick, my two boys Freddy and Romeo and my cavoodle Pedro.

I love travelling, writing, yoga and having adventures with my little family.

Before becoming a Hypnobirth teacher I worked as an Online Journalist and Digital Producer across Australian shows such as 7News, The Morning Show, X Factor, Home and Away, The Daily Edition and Australia’s No.1 Breakfast show, Sunrise.

Natalie Andrew Hypnobirth Australia

Why I teach Hypnobirth ...

I came across Hypnobirth by chance after a work colleague told me she, ‘loved giving birth and couldn’t wait to do it again!’. It was the first time I had ever heard birth described so positively and I immediately signed up for the course.

The day I gave birth to my first son was the proudest moment of my life - I have never felt so strong and empowered. I want every woman and birthing partner to feel what me and my husband felt - every woman and birthing partner deserves to experience a positive, calm and empowering birth.

I can honestly say that the Hypnobirthing Australia course changed my life. Not only did it give me confidence and pride - it gave me a strength I never knew I had before. It had such a profound effect on me - that only 2 months after having my baby boy I signed up to become a Hypnobirth Australia Childbirth Educator so I could share these incredible tools and techniques with as many parents as possible.

I have experienced birth from both ends of the spectrum - having my first baby in hospital with a private Obstetrician and my second baby at home with a private midwife.

I am passionate about providing women and their birth partners with the tools and knowledge that will allow them to feel prepared and excited for their birth no matter what turn it takes. I truly believe that a calm and positive birth can be transformational beyond just the birthing day - my hope is that these skills continue to be of use for both the mother and birthing partner throughout the parenting journey.

Natalie Andrew Childbirth Education

The hypnobirth of my first son - Freddy

I have never been so proud of myself as I was the day I gave birth to my little boy, Freddy.

I was 39 weeks and 5 days when my labour began. That day I had, had acupuncture to help induce labour. Around 10 pm I felt the first inklings of ...

For my first birth I had a private obstetrician at a public hospital - while it was a positive experience, it wasn’t until I became more knowledgeable about birth and the current maternity system that I realised just how much unnecessary intervention I had had. From multiple vaginal exams during pregnancy and birth, to having my waters broken for no medical reason and syntocinon administered without consent - I knew I wanted a different experience this time around.