“I got to experience the fetal ejection reflex for the first time, which was amazing!!!” – Georgia’s Birth Story

This beautiful mum came to me to prepare for the birth of her third baby.

When we first started chatting she shared a little bit about her first two experiences writing:

“My first babe was an emergency section because of distress after induction, no progression of labour and wired CTG. I was really uneducated about my choices and followed what I was told. It was pretty intense.

Second babe I read and learnt so much. I was so much more informed during birth. I was induced again but had wireless CTG throughout (even in the shower) and had a successful vaginal birth after caesarean. This is our 3rd baby, but our final one! I’d like to really be able to make this labour a focused one. Last time when the contractions became too much I panicked, felt it was all too much and couldn’t focus.”

Jackie decided to do hypnobirth to help her prepare more mentally for the intensity of labour. In our first session, her and her partner joined some first-time mums and it was lovely to see them share so generously about their experiences, but also be so open to learning more.

After doing her research, Jackie chose continuity of care with a known midwife as her care model for her third baby. During her pregnancy she developed gestational diabetes – and despite a few curve balls coming her way in the last few days of pregnancy, this incredible mum managed to achieve another vaginal birth after caesarean and experience the fetal ejection reflex for the very first time….


“I was induced yesterday night because of low amniotic fluid levels and poor blood flow through the cord on a check up ultrasound yesterday morning.

But 3hrs of pretty intense labour, only gas and she was here! I had decided I needed something stronger so my midwife was examining me when she said, “Nope baby will be here soon, no time for anything else!” I got to experience the fetal ejection reflex for the first time, which was really something amazing!!!

I’m so thankful for your course, I visualized the muscles of the uterus moving and rippling up the whole way through and breathed my way through it! Not completely calm but I did it! Tim was an amazing support – reminded me to breathe and relax and that she would be here soon and it was all worth it!”

Congratulations mum and dad! And just a reminder – just because some mums may be quiet or calm when hypnobirthing this is not what hypnobirth is about! Hypnobirth is about relaxing enough to allow those primal instincts to emerge! Letting go of control, surrendering and making noise when and if you need to! Especially if being induced!

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