This beautiful mum came to me to prepare for the birth of her third baby.

When we first started chatting she shared a little bit about her first two experiences writing:

“My first babe was an emergency section because of distress after induction, no progression of labour and wired CTG. I was really uneducated about my choices and followed what I was told. It was pretty intense....

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Little Fredrik arrived 7.29am Sunday 10th January. It was an incredible experience. Labour started approx 11pm the evening before and was pretty strong by 1am. Managed to calmly breath through all of the contractions whilst we remained home – Adam setting the space with candles, lavender, the affirmations playing and using a heat pack on my lower back whilst squeezing hips through contractions. We left for hospital around 5.30am at which point contractions were less than 2 minutes apart but waters still in tact...

'We did it!"

After Luca's traumatic birth to say I was terrified about going again was an understatement. To be able to say that I had an amazing, empowering birth experience seemed such a foreign concept!

I started having contractions just after 8pm Tuesday but thought they might just go away like the last couple of nights. I went to bed, listening to the...

This beautiful mum came to my classes to prepare for the birth of her second baby. Gabi gave birth to her first baby at just 29 weeks and it was a difficult postpartum journey for both her and her partner. When applying for my course she wrote: 'I didn’t enjoy my first pregnancy and was traumatised by my son's early delivery, I felt powerless given the circumstances. I look forward to a calm and connected birth this time around, I hope to feel empowered and strong."

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Hypnobirth Prepared to Birth natural birth
This couple came to my course for the birth of their second baby after what they describe as a 'traumatic' first birth, with an induction that did not end as expected.

This is a beautiful birth story from a mum who did not once lose her confidence or determination to achieve the positive birth she wanted. I feel privileged to have been part of this couple's journey and am so happy they got the healing Hypnobirth they deserved.

Natalie Andrew and Rachel Pavitt-Rumery Pregnancy and Acupuncture

Fertility and pregnancy acupuncturist Rachel Pavitt-Rumery from Health Space in Mona Vale joins me LIVE to chat how acupuncture can help you on your motherhood journey.

Listen as we chat all things acupuncture and birth – including how acupuncture can help with pregnancy-related symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, circulation, pelvic and lower back pain, haemorrhoids, restless legs, posterior and breech babies, migraines and more!

We also tackle questions like when to start, how often to have treatments, what it feels like and what to expect from a treatment.

Hannah Polites Hypnobirth

This is a must-see video for all couples - particularly if you are curious about Hypnobirth, but not sure how it could help you in your birthing journey.

Hannah is a midwife and Garth is a Doctor (Paediatrician). Watch how they describe their two births and the Hypnobirthing tools and techniques they used to achieve their positive and 'healing' second birth...

This mum developed high blood pressure in late pregnancy. After a number of days using natural induction methods, they made an informed decision to be induced using a balloon catheter and later syntocinon.

This is a beautiful example of how you can still use your Hypnobirth techniques no matter what turn your birth takes.

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Do you know about the muscles of the uterus and what they are doing during a contraction?

The uterus is INCREDIBLE!

Understanding and visualising exactly how the uterus is working during labour is an incredibly powerful tool to allow yourself to work with the sensations you are feeling rather than against them.

uterus for birth
Natalie Andrew birth education

I hear questions like these a lot during my classes.

It is a great insight into how many people subconsciously act once they are within a hospital setting.

Passive patients - waiting to be told what they can or can't do...

My beautiful client Kathleen deep in the love bubble with her little hypnobub, Penelope.

What her partner wrote alongside this image of her and bub made me well up!

It captures so beautifully the role of the ...

Hypnobirth Australia mum with baby
Natalie Andrew Birth Education

There is a BIG misconception about Hypnobirth that:

Positive Birth = Natural, Drug-free birth

This is not the case - although it may be for some.

In class, I ask mums and their birth partners to answer this question: 'WHAT DOES A POSITIVE BIRTH MEAN TO ME?' Every answer is unique. Just like birth, I am yet to see any that are exactly the same...

Remember it is very hard to achieve something if you have never defined what it means to you!

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There is a big difference between COPING with the intensity of labour and SUFFERING.

We never want a mum to get to a level of suffering during her labour. Birth should be a positive experience for the mother, baby and her birth partner.

Epidurals can be a good option for women if they are experiencing long labours, feeling exhausted, panicked or extremely tense. This form of pain relief can allow mum to relax and get some much needed rest.

As with all interventions it is important to know the risks and benefits so that you can make informed decisions about what is right for you and your baby. There are also some important questions you can ask your care providers...


What are the differences between Breathing Bearing Down (Spontaneous Pushing) and Directed Pushing?

Click through for recent studies on these methods in the second stage of labour. 

Breathing Bearing Down and Directed Pushing in the second stage of labour

Do you know about the role of your hormones during labour?

Did you feel a euphoric high after birth?

Endorphins are the body's natural pain relievers. Powerful naturally-occurring opiates.

Beta-endorphin levels peak at birth and allow a woman to...

Endorphins and the role of your hormones during labour and birth

One of the misconceptions about Hypnobirth is that Hypnomums are 'zoned out' or 'in a trance' and have to be quiet or placid.

While it may look like this - Hypnomums have actually trained themselves to be in an incredible state of deep relaxation while also being in a state of...

Royal mum-to-be Meghan Markle has sparked a wave of interest in hypnobirthing on the northern beaches.

Hypnobirthing teaches mums-to-be that birth is a positive experience rather than one that is painful and difficult and educates them about how the body works ...

Hypnobirthing Article - The Daily Telegraph
how to ruin a woman's birth space

This image is a great example of what NOT to do in a woman's birth space!

Seems simple.

Unfortunately this is exactly what happens to many women.

Your birth space is YOURS. Your birth partner is there to protect it...

The Hypnobirth Australia Positive Birth Course teaches three different types of breathing for the different stages of labour.

The following video shows me in the early stages of labour (about 8 hours in) using the 'Surge' or 'Contraction Breathing'. I practiced this technique daily during my pregnancy from 26 weeks after learning it during my Hypnobirth class. 

Breathing through labour contractions on the way to hospital
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Hypnobirth is simply a fancy name for ‘positive birth’.

Hypnobirth gives mums and birth partners proven, evidence-based tools, knowledge, techniques and support to prepare both the mind and body for a calm and positive birth.

Whether it is a natural birth, you need to be induced or you have to have a caesarean – the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth course prepares you for whatever turn your birth takes with the aim of not only a positive experience, but an empowering one for both you and your partner.

A recent study in 2016 confirmed that independent childbirth education which includes relaxation...

Natalie Andrew Childbirth Education

I have never been so proud of myself as I was the day I gave birth to my little boy, Freddy.

I was 39 weeks and 5 days when my labour began. That day I had, had acupuncture to help induce labour. Around 10 pm I felt the first inklings of ...