What is Hypnobirth and how can it help me?

Are you aware of what beliefs and stories you hold in your mind about the concept of birth? What images, thoughts and feelings come to mind for you?  Are they positive or negative? Who created these beliefs? What are they based on? Have you ever stopped to question them?

Hypnobirth is simply a fancy name for ‘positive birth’. 

Hypnobirth gives mums and birth partners proven, evidence-based tools, knowledge, techniques and support to prepare both the mind and body for a calm and positive birth.

Whether it is a natural birth, you need to be induced or you have to have a caesarean – the Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth course prepares you for whatever turn your birth takes with the aim of not only a positive experience, but an empowering one for both you and your partner.

A recent study in 2016 confirmed that independent childbirth education which includes relaxation, breathing, meditation, massage and acupressure is shown to greatly decrease interventions in childbirth.  The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth program incorporates ALL of these things – giving mothers and their partners a substantial advantage in their preparation for childbirth.


We believe that during birth a strong and positive mind will be your biggest asset. Your body instinctively knows HOW to birth – this is why women who are unconscious can still give birth to their babies naturally.

Hypnobirth does not teach you how to birth – but rather it teaches your mind to get out of the way so your body can do what it needs to do.

Through your birth you will discover an incredible inner strength that you never knew you had – or which you may have lost or forgotten. This is one of the many reasons I can’t wait to teach you this incredible course, I know that it will have a transformational impact not only on your birth – but on your future as a mum – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Hypnobirth Positive Birth

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