Will they let me? Your choices during pregnancy and birth….

“Will they let me give birth in that position?”

“Will they let me say no to a vaginal examination?”

“Will they let me have delayed cord clamping”

“Will they let me deliver the placenta physiologically?”

I hear questions like these a lot during my classes.

It is a great insight into how many people subconsciously act once they are within a hospital setting.

Passive patients – waiting to be told what they can or can’t do.

✔Your caregivers are the employee and you are the employer.
✔You are giving birth – it is not being done to you!
✔You have choices and options.
✔You can say no.
✔You do not need to seek permission for your choices.

Discuss your birth preferences with your care provider ahead of time.

If they don’t seem on board – it might be time to find someone else who will be.

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