‘The midwife asked who taught me hypnobirth – she had never seen such a calm birth’ – The Hypnobirth of Cillian

Now this was an interesting birth story!! Mum Karen came to see me when she was 39+5 days pregnant – it’s never too late to learn Hypnobirthing techniques!
Karen and her partner had done the hospital birth classes, however due to COVID they had been online and she felt like she needed some additional preparation – particularly mentally and physically.
As she was close to her due date, we did an intensive 6-hour face-to-face course, focusing a lot on the physical tools and techniques her and her partner could use for labour, breathing techniques, the importance of advocating for herself, releasing fear and discussing ways to stay focused amongst the distractions, which are ever present in the hospital setting. I was so excited when I received her birth story below – enjoy!!
Hi Nat!
I had a little boy yesterday morning!

Nine days late and induction due to my blood pressure starting to rise, but in a twist of events my waters broke naturally on the street when we went for a walk after the gel! Baby had done a poo in utero so they started the drip to induce me, but given I had some acupuncture points put in by my acupuncturist – my labour progressed quickly and they turned the syntocinon drip off!

Although, I had to be hooked up to wireless monitors as he had already had a poo, I had a natural Hypnobirth. Four hours of active labour, 10 minutes of pushing!

The student midwife came to see me today to ask who taught me Hypnobirthing as she had not seen such a calm birth! I owe it all to you, I wore my face mask and noise cancelling headphones and was in the zone so much they didn’t realise when I was 10cm!!

I did ask for pain killers in transition but by then time they got the gas I forgot about it!!

Thank you so much!
Karen xx

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