‘I had a waterbirth which was totally unexpected! – Eliana’s birth story

This beautiful mum came to my classes to prepare for the birth of her second baby. Gabi gave birth to her first baby at just 29 weeks and it was a difficult postpartum journey for both her and her partner. When applying for my course she wrote: 'I didn’t enjoy my first pregnancy and was traumatised by my son's early delivery, I felt powerless given the circumstances. I look forward to a calm and connected birth this time around, I hope to feel empowered and strong."

I was SO happy when I received this beautiful birth story in my inbox. Congratulations Gabi and Colin! 

Eliana was born on 28/07 at 6am weighing 3.06kgs. Here is how it happened:

After unexpectedly delivering my first child at 29 weeks and 6 days, I was thrilled to get to 39 weeks with my second! I had a stress free pregnancy and was looking forward to a calm and natural birthing experience!

Hypnobirth sydneyThe hypnobirthing course equipped me with the tools and resources I needed to make informed decisions regarding my birthing preferences and to have my baby as naturally as possible.

Those resources came in handy at 39 weeks when I was recommended an induction without medical reason. The closer I got to 40 weeks the more the doctors defaulted to induction. My belly measured smaller than expected at my 39 week appointment and I had been to the hospital the week before as I didn't think the baby was moving as much. Those two factors were enough for them to suggest induction. Even though my CTG was normal, ultrasound was normal, blood test was normal - they wanted to book an induction at 40 weeks. I suggested a stretch and sweep instead (I was already 3cm dilated), which meant I would be able to go home. I had this done at 2pm Monday and my surges began that night. I'm so glad I had all the information to make educated decisions and avoid major interventions.

When my surges started I felt safe labouring at home, I had the hypnobirth tracks playing, my aromatherapy on, my husband’s support - everything worked beautifully and even in the car I was still “in the zone”. My surges were 3 minutes apart on our way to the hospital.

We arrived at RNSH at 4am. Having to step out of the car and make my way to the birthing suite on my own broke my concentration and my surges intensified. It took Colin and I a while to get back into it, specially Colin. The room was cold and the constant baby checks with the cold gel on my belly really bothered me and broke my concentration. Voices took a while to quieten and although the midwife had read my birthing preferences, she kept on talking to me, checking the baby and suggesting to check how dilated I was; my waters broke only 2 minutes before Ellie was born!

When I felt the urge to push the midwife told me I could be pushing against a closed cervix, as I had not allowed her to check dilation. For a while after that all I could picture was my baby’s head against a brick wall - words are powerful but so are our minds so I changed the picture in my head to an open path and continued to trust my body!

I had an eye mask on, to block the light and avoid visual distractions and I used gas, which helped regulate my breathing. I jumped in the shower to keep warm and then moved to the bath, where I ended up delivering Ellie, just 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. My placenta simply fell out (no intervention needed!) as I stepped out of the bath, still with Ellie in my arms. Colin cut the cord. I breastfed and held my baby for hours!

It was a wonderful and intense experience and I could not have done it without the knowledge and support we received from Natalie during her course! Thank you!


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